Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 7

Yeah, about day 6... Started off as a normal, almost boring day. Not real exciting until we went to the summer W, an open air bar on the outskirts of town. Casey (roommate) was turning 22 at midnight so we decided that we would party hard for it. Here in Greece drinking is a social experience that does not end in a hangover like it does in the US. But naturally, being American after a few drinks we decided to show the locals "how we do in America." Pretty sure no one asked to see how we socialize but at least they were able to laugh at how ridiculous we get. So I drank way too much, and ended up walking down the street with Casey to get hot dogs at 4 in the morning. By the way, if you are ever in Thessaloniki and just happen to want a hamburger at 4a.m. don't do it! Bad life choice right there.

I slept most of today, so not much to say. I went and watched the Germany vs. Greece soccer game which was so much fun. We lost, which was really disappointing, but it was an amazing experience. It seemed like everyone was down by the boardwalk watching the game in cafes. I actually enjoyed a televised soccer game! Great ending of the day. 

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