Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 5: Funny Story Kind of Day

SO today was the first day of classes. This should be an adventure, right? Guess that the 12 greater gods decided that I needed some excitement for my day. So I went to my classes which were so much better than any course I have had in the US and my five hour break between classes was a bit dull, but with so many of us all chilling there it wasn't too bad. Now, ACT provides a free shuttle to campus in the morning, but getting back we are on our own. We have two choices: take a taxi (split four ways is less than 2 euro) or take the public bus (.90 euro, but you have to switch buses part way). Being the economist and adventurist I am, I decided taking the public bus would be a great way to save money and get to know the city. Bet you can see where this story is going... So my roommate and a girl named Disney (for reals, no joke) got on the bus and were talking to a gentleman who helped us figure out the stamping so we wouldn't get fined for having no clue what we were doing. We almost missed the stop to switch buses, but right before the door closed my roommate noticed and we got off. Close call, right? So then we are waiting for the next bus and I ask if we are supposed to cross the street to the other stop and they both agreed we didn't, and even though I was pretty sure we should cross, I decided to finally listen to my mom and pretend I didn't think I was right. Worst timing award goes to me for deciding to listen to her finally, since I was right this time and we rode the bus all the way to the bus depot since the bus driver didn't speak English. Luckily a different man at the depot spoke English and was very nice to us, telling us it happens all the time and we were not the first to do this. So we sat there for a few minutes waiting for the next bus to leave to take us home. An hour and a half later we finally get home. But wait, my day gets even better..

So then Casey (my roommate), Rachel (new friend) and I were hanging out playing cards and I was sitting on my bed. So background info, when I got here I realized my bed made a lot of noise when I sat on it, or laid on it, or shifted. Pretty much the slightest touch made so much noise that it can be heard outside of our room. Being surrounded by college students, it sounds kinky... yeah not really what I want to be known for. Anyways, I was sitting on it earlier playing cards and talking and all of a sudden, the bed broke and the mattress fell straight down into the frame. I screamed, then laughed cause it was freaking hilarious, and other students came to our door to see what the loud thunk was. Yeah, so I went from the kinky sounds at night girl to the girl who's bed broke...neither of which I would like associated to me. Oh well.. it ended with us yelling Opa! and drinking some terrible wine. Pretty sure I will never forget tonight. =]

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great time Meghan!! Thanks for the posts :)