Tuesday, May 29, 2012

T Minus 18 days Until Departure!!

Well, only 18 days left until I fly halfway across the world to my new home for five weeks. Not going to lie, it has not been an easy trip so far. This program is new to Central, so I was essentially a guinea pig. I found out the hard way that there was a lot more to studying abroad than I had thought. But with determination (luckily I am a very stubborn person) I faced down each issue and came out on top with a little help from my wonderful parents. Now everything is set for me to go, and I have nothing left to do except worry about what I am supposed to take to wear... Something I will worry about until I arrive.

I just found out who my roommate is. So far she seems pretty normal and cool. Should be an amazing trip!! Now I have one last obstacle to overcome...waiting out the next two and a half weeks.